Our years of experience advising companies allow our team of skilled and qualified lawyers and economists to offer our expertise and rigor to support companies in their strategic tax and economic development.

Our main areas of action are:

  • Company creation management (+ info)
  • Powers of attorney and digital certificate processing (+ info)
  • Tax liabilities: Spanish tax agency (Hisenda), Catalan government (Generalitat), Municipal (+ info)
  • Accounting services (+ info)
  • Tax advice (+ info)
  • Economic-financial advice (+ info)
  • Aid and advice regarding tax inspections and other tax verification procedures (+ info)
  • Services for Foundations and Non-Profit Entities (+ info)
  • Specialised advice regarding real estate operations (+ info)
  • Patent and licence applications (+ info)
  • Municipal, regional and national tax management (+ info)
  • Payroll management (+ info)
  • Employment Consultancy Services (+ info)
  • Human Resources consultancy services (+ info)
  • Labour risk prevention (+ info)
  • Criminal risk prevention (Compliance) (+ info)
  • Civil liability: Insurance(+ info)
  • Drawing up of contracts, notarial instruments (+ info)
  • Legal services (+ info)

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Carles Roura
SME tax area