We advise on investment, trade and international taxation at the same time as we form companies abroad. We review and enforce agreements to avoid double taxation, always counting on the specialized support of our team of lawyers.

We provide guidance in exporting/importing successfully and in the long term.

  • Analysis of export activity cost management.
  • Development of external image and diagnosis of export potential.
  • Operational advice: negotiations, liens, contracts, taxation, training.
  • Implementation of international marketing strategy.
  • Establishment of a trade network abroad; carry out an expansion possibility study
  • Assessment of trade operations; means of payment and cost coverage
  • Employment Consultancy Services (+ info)
  • Labour risk prevention (+ info)
  • Criminal risk prevention (Compliance) (+ info)
  • Civil liability: Insurance (+ info)
  • Legal services (+ info)

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Joan Ernest Ribas
International Fiscal Area