Labour risk prevention

Current legal requirements put the ultimate responsibility for protection in several internal and external areas on the employer, and these areas require the attention of professionals in analysing and implementing matters that are subject to regulation.

We have our own services for prevention of labour risk. We advise you on compliance with the law on prevention of labour risk, and we help you with the preparation of the documentation and the implementation of the necessary actions.

We offer advice to arrange risk assessment services, adoption of measures, and training of workers with external accredited entities.

In reference to environmental legislation, we study the measures that the existing law obliges us to comply with and advise through technical projects of the steps to follow in each case.

We also advise on the implementation of quality systems (ISO) and on the implementation, certification and maintenance of data protection laws.



According to the current Criminal Code, a legal person (company) may be held liable for the commission of various crimes, with serious consequences for the company, both economically and legally.

Criminal legislation offers the possibility of reducing this responsibility, provided that the company has efficient measures to prevent and discover the crimes that can be committed by the company: through a Criminal Regulatory Compliance Plan, which establishes internal mechanisms to prevent, avoid or detect actions contrary to company values and the current criminal legislation.

It constitutes an important protection policy for actions of responsibility against the company and its management bodies.

RIBAS ÀLVAREZ ADVOCATS offers advice on the implementation of Regulatory Compliance Plans in collaboration with the professional firm Bonatti Penal & Compliance, from Barcelona.

Bonatti Penal & Compliance